National Riding Stables Horse Rescue is proudly owned by Terry and John Latschar

Terry Latschar


Terry Latschar has been a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg National Military Park since 1992, with service as a National Park Service Ranger between 1997 and 2007. She is an acknowledged expert on the Battle of Gettysburg and has provided thousands of tours for visitors. Terry has been a horsewoman all her life, including breaking and training horses in her youth, and a stint as an exercise rider at Pimlico Racetrack, Baltimore, Maryland. Terry began guiding horseback tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield for the National Riding Stables in 1993.

John Latschar


Dr. John Latschar retired from the National Park Service in 2015 after 37 years of service, including 15 years as Superintendent of Gettysburg National Military Park. During his tenure as Superintendent, he created an unprecedented partnership with the Gettysburg Foundation, which raised over $100 million for the construction of a new Museum and Visitor Center complex for Gettysburg NMP. John also conceived and oversaw the rehabilitation of the historic landscapes of the battlefield, including the rehabilitation of 17 miles of horse trails. John is a Vietnam combat veteran, and a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army Reserve.

Our Wranglers


Our wranglers are the best in the business. They have decades of collective experience in training our gentle, well-mannered horses, and in leading horse tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Through their expertise, we can promise you a safe, enlightening, and rewarding experience.

Licensed Battlefield Guides


Licensed Battlefield Guides are tested, certified, and licensed by Gettysburg National Military Park for their detailed knowledge of the Gettysburg Battlefield and their ability to bring alive for you the history, personalities, events, and anecdotes of the battle.



When taking over the National Riding Stables in 2015, we dedicated ourselves to providing our guests with an unparalleled experience, through a unique combination of a horseback tour of America's most famous battlefield, expert battlefield interpretation, and superb customer service. In addition, through the horseback ride across Gettysburg Battlefield our guests gained an appreciation for the beauty, power, and wonder of the horse.

Over the past three years, we began to realize that our mission statement left out the most important part of the equation - the horses! Without healthy, well-cared-for horses, we couldn't accomplish our mission. But some of the horses we initially acquired were suffering from poor treatment. Many that we acquired whether bought at auction, purchased from horse dealers, or rescued from kill pens, were horses in distress, due to neglect, poor care, and/or poor treatment. Since we love horses, more and more of our emphasis over the past years has been in healing and caring for these distressed horses.

Unfortunately, for our original business model, the more time and money we spent in caring for these distressed horses, the harder it became to operate as a for-profit company. Unlike many horse operations, we refused to send horses that cannot work any longer to auction, since a very large percentage of such horses end up in the slaughter pens. Instead, we patiently worked to find them good retirement homes, where they would be provided love and care for the rest of their lives. This took time and patience, while the costs of continuing to care for horses that can no longer work became more and more expensive.

The solution was to change our business model: The National Riding Stables Horse Rescue has been created as a non-profit organization for the purpose of rescuing, healing, rehabilitating, and retraining distressed horses, for eventual adoption as weekend trail horses or companion horses.

We will continue to provide guided horseback tours of Gettysburg National Military Park as a principle means of raising funds for the care of the horses, and as a principle means of raising public awareness of the wonders of horses and the desperate need to raise funds to save, heal, and find retirement homes for distressed horses.

We will also seek contributions and donations from all those who become aware of the need to save these horses. We will seek their assistance through donations, volunteer work, or by "sponsoring" the care of a horse. Those who are willing and capable of providing a retirement home for a horse will be required to sign a "no auction/no kill" contract in order to adopt a horse and take it to a new home.


Are you interested in providing assistance through donation, volunteer work, sponsoring, or adoption of a horse? Please click below to find out more.

Our Horses

We are proud that the great majority of our horses at the National Riding Stables Horse Rescue are "rescue" horses, who have been saved from slaughter pens or have suffered from previous abuse or neglect. We love giving them a new home and a second chance at life to be cared for and loved. All of out horses are gentle and well-trained, suitable for both beginning and advanced riders.

Our gorgeous horses are the true reason that all of our guests have the safest, most memorable experience on their horseback tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. More than 80,000 horses and mules served the troops at the Battle of Gettysburg, as cavalry mounts, officers' mounts, artillery teams, or harnessed to ambulances, ammunition wagons and supply wagons. Approximately 5,000 lost their lives during the battle. A wonderful way to pay tribute to their silent sacrifice is to follow their hoof-prints across the battlefield.

When their second career is over, through either old age or injury, our horses still receive the very best of love and care, as they wait for the angelic soul who will adopt them and take them to their will-earned retirement home.

Save A Horse

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue the care for our horses. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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