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Benny is a 26 year old Halflinger/Belgian gelding. He is a former plow horse who was obviously overworked and abused. When we saved him from slaughter in 2015, he was severely underweight, had developed asthma, and had pervasive skin issues due to a lack of proper nutrition. Benny is now happy, sweet, and docile. Nothing bothers Benny. He loves everyone and is a good "big brother" to some of our other horses.

Benny would surely love someone to sponsor his care.



30-year old Standard-bred gelding. He was a racehorse, then a buggy horse for two decades after his racing days were over. We saved Buckeye at auction from a meat-buyer. He was extremely underweight, but with care, vetting, and twice-a-day feeding (and love) he is now a beautiful, sweet, lovable, happy horse. He is too old to be ridden or driven any longer, but Buckeye would make a great companion horse or personal pet.



Caesar is a 15 year old Paint gelding , about 14.2 hands. He is a former western cow pony who was shipped east to auction. We bid against a kill buyer to rescue him in April 2017. Through extensive rehabilitation he has become a great trail horse and a customer favorite.

Caesar would love to have a sponsor of his own. 



Dollar is a 10 year old Quarter Horse mare. She came to us in 2015 after she became too worn out to continue her former career as a western cutting horse. Dollar is extremely sweet and lovable. But she is so highly trained in the specialized skills of a cutting horse that inexperienced riders confuse her and she doesn't know how to respond. Consequently, Dollar cannot be used for trail ride customers, and is used only by our wranglers. 

Dollar is patiently waiting for someone to sponsor her care.



Duncan is a very sweet, lovable approximately. 20 year old gelding. At the bottom of the pecking order. Gets along with everyone. He had a previous injury in his lifetime of his front knee and has arthritis as a result. But he makes a wonderful human and horse companion. He also is great for beginner lessons at a walk and minimal trotting. He wants to please everyone. He is an absolute sweetheart.

Duncan is available for sponsorship or adoption.



Houston is a 16 year old Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding, at 15.1 hands. He was a western ranch horse who was shipped east to auction where we rescued him in April 2017. Houston is an excellent, easy-going trail horse. He loves attention and his daily grooming.

Houston would be mighty pleased to have a sponsor!



Jack is a 16 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding. Jack has the perfect conformation of a “show” quarter horse, which is undoubtedly what he was bred for. Unfortunately, the breeding that led to that “perfect” conformation also tends to bring on early arthritis. Hence, Jack was headed to the kill pen when he was rescued in 2016.  Thanks to proper treatment and care not to over-use him, Jack can now be described as the “perfect” trail riding horse.  

Jack needs a sponsor.



Lance is a 17 year old Palomino gelding, with some Arabian in his background. Lance is a solid, dependable, quiet and calm trail horse, equally at ease with experienced and novice riders.

Lance is waiting for some kind soul to become his sponsor.



15-year-old bay quarterhorse gelding who we rescued at auction. It is apparent that Maverick was once trained to both ride and drive. He is currently in rehabilitation to relearn how to trust and confidently ride the trails.

He is available for adoption of sponsorship.



19-year-old Golden Palomino gelding. He was terribly abused and beaten before we rescued him last year, and is blind in the left eye due to past mistreatment. Due to his sad past, he is extremely shy and skittish because he doesn't know who he can trust. But once you earn his trust, he only wants to please you. Nugget is currently in rehabilitation and for his blindness.

He is available for sponsor.



Nelly is a beautiful 16 year old black Mule, standing at 15.1 hands. Thanks to a tip through the horse rescue network, we literally rescued her the day before she was scheduled to be shipped out to slaughter. (We also saved Little Bits and Jasper that day, two other mules who were subsequently adopted out to permanent retirement homes.) Nelly is a former competitive show mule. She has impeccable training and loves to work. She has a “no nonsense, just let me do it and I'll do it right” type of personality. Unfortunately, she is suffering from arthritis and weak tendons from too much competitive jumping, so can only be ridden sparingly. 

Nelly is patiently waiting for a mule-lover to sponsor her care.



Polo is a 13 year old Warm Blood gelding. He is a retired polo pony from England (hence the name), and was once a member of Prince Harry's polo team. Polo is now highly content with his new life as a trail horse, although he must be ridden with care lest something reminds him of his former days of glory and he suddenly takes off in chase of an imaginary polo ball.  Polo is Terry Latschar's favorite horse, and the one she usually rides. If she allows someone else to ride Polo it is considered an exceptional honor.

Polo is waiting for a special sponsor.



Pretzel is a 15 year old Grulla Paint gelding. He was rescued from the kill pen in 2015. He was extremely malnourished and suffering from mange and poor hooves, all due to neglect. Now fully rehabilitated, Pretzel is one of the most beautiful horses at the stables. He is a well-trained and well-behaved trail horse; we often use him for novice riders and children. Pretzel is a special pet of one of our young volunteers, who loves to braid his tail and ride him bareback as the lead horse on tours.



RJ "Red Junior" is a 15.3 hand, 16 year old Sorrel gelding. He is a former endurance trail horse, who was sent to auction when his best endurance days were over. We successfully bid against a kill buyer to save RJ in February 2017. He is an absolutely outstanding trail horse: sure-footed, gentle, patient, with an easy gait. RJ quickly became everyone's favorite horse, whether young or old, or novice or experienced rider. RJ was diagnosed in early 2018 with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM); he has been through 3 rounds of treatment and is presently symptom-free and improving, so we have high hopes for his full recovery.

RJ would sure appreciate it if someone would sponsor his care. 



Sebastian is a 16 year old Tennessee Walker gelding. He was a starvation case when we rescued him in 2015. Now he is a happy, plump, healthy and fun-loving horse.  Sebastian is always ready to play; we can't leave any tack near his stall. We believe he was in some kind of show or entertainment business in his earlier years. He  is a solid trail horse for either adults or children.

Sebastian is waiting for some kind soul to sponsor his care.



Simon is a 15 year old Haflinger gelding. We intercepted Simon on his route to slaughter. Simon has a delightfully energetic and mischievous nature. If somebody chewed up a wrangler's glove, it was Simon; if someone found a break in the fence, it was Simon. He's nosy, social (with both people and horses), has great hair, and has never seen a blade of grass that wasn't meant to be eaten. Simon's a favorite with both customers and wranglers. 

Simon is worth sponsoring just for the visiting rights!



Hank is an 18 year old, 15.1 hand, Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, . He had obviously been a trail horse for several years before he came to us. Unfortunately, his previous owner sent him to auction, where we were able to out bid the kill buyer in January 2017. Hank is a great trail horse, reliable and hard working. His training and manners are so good we have no idea why anyone would have wanted to sell him. Hank also looks out for and protects the weaker horses in the herd. He won't come in from pasture in the morning until he's sure that the last horse has come in. Hank is a favorite of customers; anyone who has ridden him before always wants him again.

Hank deserves a good sponsor who will care for him as lovingly as he cares for the other horses.



Gus is a 15 year old Belgian. He's a former plow horse who finds the lighter work of being a trail horse much to his preference. Gus is kind, patient, and forbearing with both people and horses.  He gets along well with other horses in the herd; he's not a leader but a good follower. He happily comes in from the pasture each morning for his daily grooming. Gus is a big softie who has no idea he weighs 2000 pounds. He would sit in your lap if you let him.

Gus's care is partially sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Gus's care is also partially sponsored by Jeff Russ.



Strawberry Shortcake is a 7 year old Red Roan mare. She was literally taken from the kill pen in August 2015, when she was 3 years old. She was very sick with lots of kill pen wounds, but recovered quickly under veterinary care. Then we discovered she had become pregnant while in the kill pen, but sadly she lost her foal due to a breach birth in the middle of winter. Strawberry is now a healthy, happy, feisty spitfire. She's a favorite of the wranglers because of her spirited disposition, but is not yet mature enough for customers to ride. Strawberry thinks she's the princess of the barn, and she may well be.


Strawberry is waiting for a fairy tale prince (or princess) to sponsor her care. 



Duke is a 8 year old Bay Quarter Horse gelding. We acquired Duke from his owner in 2016, who had made the mistake of sending him to the wrong trainer. When he came back from training he was a petrified mess; he had big girth scars from inappropriate and too hard riding at too young an age, and had been beaten around the head. Finally – after almost three years – Duke has reached the point where he is relaxed, happy and enjoying his life. He is now a near-perfect trail horse for either adults or kids.

**We are happy to announce that Duke is now partially sponsored by Stephen Dengler and Barbara Sardella**



Roscoe is a 7 year old Welsh/Arab gelding of 13.3 hands. He was rescued from a near-death starvation and neglect situation by a horse lover who brought him to us in the middle of the winter in January 2017. His lack of proper nutrition at a young age led to permanent lower leg weakness due to improper growth. Roscoe is now healthy and healed, but due to leg damage can only be used by light riders. He is energetic, fun, mischievous, and lovable. He's one of the smaller horses at the stables, but you couldn't convince him of that!

Roscoe is waiting for a special person to sponsor his care.



Butterscotch is a 16 year old Curly gelding, standing at 15 hands. (Curly is a unique breed of horse that comes in all sizes, colors, and body types but all carry a gene for a unique curly coat of hair.) We successfully bid against a kill buyer to rescue Butterscotch in February 2017.  Butterscotch is a typical Curly. Trained as a trail horse, he is very patient and friendly, enjoys standing in his stall watching all the barn activities, and enjoys being around people. He is calm, smart, and reliable, with a great work ethic. Butterscotch is shown here with his buddy, Scout, on the left.

Butterscotch is patiently waiting for a sponsor (perhaps one with curly hair to match?)



Scout is a 17 year old registered Paint gelding, 15.2 hands, He was a one-owner horse, exceptionally trained, who was once featured in American Paint magazine. When the owner suddenly died, we rescued him at auction in March 2017.  Scout was so highly trained that it took some time for him to get used to novice riders, but he took it all in stride. He's a kind, friendly, patient, loving horse who can take nervous beginners and make them feel like seasoned cowboys by the end of the ride. He loves his daily brushing and being pampered.

Maybe some “cowboy without a horse” out there would like to sponsor Scout's care?



Elliott is a 7 year old Palomino gelding, standing at 14.1 hands, who came to us via a private sale in April 2017. Elliott was a malnourished former carnival riding pony, trained to walk around in an endless circle attached to a pole (a practice now banned in most states). Although now fully filled out, he still loves to eat at every opportunity. He has even figured out how to break into saddle bags to get an unwary wrangler's granola bar. Elliott has a mischievous personality, and is fun to ride. He likes trail riding, probably because he doesn't have to go around in circles any more. 

Elliott would love having a sponsor to ensure that he always has enough to eat!

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