Available for Adoption



33-year old Standard-bred gelding. He was a racehorse, then a buggy horse for two decades after his racing days were over. We saved Buckeye at auction from a meat-buyer. He was extremely underweight, but with care, vetting, and twice-a-day feeding (and love) he is now a beautiful, sweet, lovable, happy horse. He is too old to be ridden or driven any longer, but Buckeye would make a great companion horse or personal pet.



Chief is aprox. a 14 yr. old gelding, 17 hands, beautiful Paint, long legs, very nicely built, wonderful ground manners, loves attention and wants to do something. Past history: He was a spotter for fox hunts. Cannot jump him, however, or it will result in a shoulder issue. A real looker and nice personality and temperament. Wonderful ground manners. Can be ridden moderately.



Duncan is a very sweet, lovable aproximately 20 year old gelding. He gets along with everyone and is at the bottom of the pecking order. He had a previous injury of his front knee in his lifetime and has arthritis as a result. But he makes a wonderful human and horse companion. Duncan can no longer be ridden but he is an absolute sweetheart and would love to be a best friend.



17-year-old Bay Grade gelding we rescued at auction destined for slaughter. He's trained to both ride and drive and was probably used as a buggy horse. At some time we believe he had an accident that left him with minor scars on one back leg and deep scars on the other. He's been declared sound for riding by the vet and is a docile and well-trained trail horse. He is looking for the right owner to love and learn to trust.  Maverick should have many good years left as a trail horse.




17-year-old Golden Palomino gelding. He was terribly abused and beaten before we rescued him last year, and is blind in the left eye due to past mistreatment. Due to his sad past, he is extremely shy and skittish because he doesn't know who he can trust. But once you earn his trust, he only wants to please you. He is a trail horse, and gets along well with other horses in the herd. Nugget would be an excellent trail horse for someone with the  experience, patience and love to earn his trust.



Oliver is aprox. 17 yr. old Appaloosa gelding who is very smart and likes to have things to do. He listens better with an experienced rider. He is in the middle of the pecking order in the herd. An easy keeper regarding food. He is looking for an owner he can focus on and devote his attention to. He is anxious to please. He can be ridden with no restrictions.

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