Adopt a horse

Not all of our horses are ready for adoption. Some are still in rehabilitation to regain weight from past starvation, some are recovering from old injuries, some are learning to live with ailments such as arthritis which will never go away, and some are going through slow mental and emotional healing from past abuse.

Some horses that have recovered and are in good health are used in our trail riding operation, which is a principle means of financial support for the rescue operation. They are, in essence, working to help support their herd-mates who can no longer work. We have some good horses who have earned and richly deserve a retirement home with a loving owner. As part of the healing and retraining process, each horse is constantly evaluated to determine his or her best match for the future.  

  • Some are “one-person” horses in good health who do not do well in a “herd” environment, but thrive under individual loving care.
  • Some don't have the disposition for the routine of trail riding, but love it when taken out for individual or small-group riding.
  • Some can no longer work every day, but are still capable of light duty riding, not to exceed a few hours a week.
  • Some are companion horses only.
  • Some have arthritis or joint problems or back problems stemming from a lifetime of work, but all are guaranteed free of communicable diseases.

Adoption Requirements

A successful adoption requires a partnership that creates a bond of trust and friendship for both horse and rider. It is our goal to find that match for every horse we save. Consequently, when you come to visit a horse for potential adoption, we will also be evaluating your experience in caring for a horse, and to see if the horse returns the affection that you offer.
Potential adopters must demonstrate to our satisfaction that they have the right combination of “horse sense,” the potential for mutual bonding with the horse, and can provide it a safe and healthy home.  

Potential adopters must:

  • Provide adequate shelter and pasturage for the adopted horse, either at your property or at an approved boarding facility.
  • Demonstrate the financial capability to support the adopted horse.
  • Sign a waiver of liability and no auction/no kill contract.

All adoption decisions made by the National Riding Stables Horse Rescue are final.

To start the adoption process, call 717-334-5100 or email for an appointment to visit the horse or horses of your choice. 

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Waiver and No Slaughter Contract

Stables-Adoption Contract..Aug.2019 (pdf)