Volunteer at National Riding Stables Horse Rescue

Volunteering at the National Riding Stables Horse Rescue is hard work. It's often muddy, dirty, repetitive, hot or cold, and sometimes frustrating. But there's nothing better than getting to know a horse on an individual level, and few things more rewarding that the gentle nicker of a horse that is glad to see you – unless it's the thrill of seeing a distressed horse gain weight, heal from wounds, and gradually lose its fear and regain confidence.

Experience with horses or riding is not necessary. We will assess your knowledge and abilities and provide personal training in horse care and horsemanship. What is necessary is patience, good will, and an infinity for God's creatures. Your reward will be to experience the special sense of bonding with a horse which has fascinated mankind for centuries.

Volunteer duties would involve typical horse care such as feeding, watering and grooming the horses, calling them in from the pastures in the morning, turning them out in the evening, cleaning and rebedding stalls, and other typical stable maintenance duties. 

Advanced volunteers may perform as wranglers, tacking horses up for rides across the battlefield, and accompanying the rides on either foot or horseback.

If you're interested in finding out more, please call 717-334-5100 or email us at nationalridingstables@yahoo.com