Donate to National Riding Stables Horse Rescue

If you cannot adopt or sponsor a rescue horse, but would like to help make sure they have the best of care while being rehabilitated and retrained for adoption, you can still assist with a financial contribution.

Financial support of our mission is always appreciated and is – of course – tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Donations of all sizes – in either cash or kind – helps us provide our rescued horses with the very best of care while they are waiting for their permanent home. Whether small or large, your donation may be the difference in enabling us to rescue another distressed horse suffering from neglect, abuse, or shipment to a kill pen.

If you prefer to make a tangible donation you can “see,” check out our wish list below of feed, hay, supplies and materials that we need. Some items, like hay and feed are needed year-around, while others like fly spray are seasonal.

Wish List 


  • 50 lb bag of grain  $12.75
  • square bale of hay  $5.50
  • round bale of hay  $43.00
  • 50 lb alfalfa cubes $13.99
  • 10 lb horse treats $9.99


  • 10 lb MSM joint support $44.99
  • wormer paste, each $5.67
  • Swat fly repellent ointment    $9.99
  • gallon fly spray $16.99
  • small salt blocks $1.49
  • large salt block $6.11
  • thrush buster $14.99
  • alushield $14.99
  • kopertox $32.99
  • Vetwrap (24 rolls) $47.06 


  • hoof trim per horse $35.00
  • trim and 4 shoes per horse $120.00

Equine Dentist

  • float teeth per horse $95.00


  • stall fan -  $16.88
  • small salt block holder $5.99
  • gallon barn paint $14.99
  • truckload of sawdust for bedding $550.00
  • truckload of gravel  $429.81
  • fertilizer for 20-acre pasture $1,003
  • fertilizer for 23-acre hay field $1,132

How else can I help?

There are numerous ways that you can help and work with us to make a difference.

Save A Horse

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue the care for our horses. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card